Aug 16

Sa May-ari ng Bawat Lapis na Tinasahan Ko Ngayong Araw na Ito

Sa taun-taong pagtuturo ko ng biochemistry sa mga medical student na nagre-review para sa Physician Licensure Exam, nakagawian na ng mga estudyante kong magpatasa ng lapis sa huling araw ng klase. Diumano, upang makapasa, kailangan mong magpatasa ng lapis sa isang lisensyadong doktor na nakalampas na sa board exam. Continue reading →

Jun 13

A Letter to My Students

On December 2nd of 2009, after having spent the last six months being a part-time teacher in Anatomy and Histology lab, I served as exam proctor for the first year medical students of ASMPH one last time. In a month, I would begin my residency training in Neurosurgery.

It was my job to assign rest stations for the move-type exam. In one of the rest stations, I put a box containing sealed envelopes for each of my students. “Get one. Open after the exam,” the instructions on the station said. Inside each envelope were a copy of Gusto Kong Maging Doktor Dahil, and a letter, that I am posting in full below. Continue reading →

Jul 12

Alternate Realities

I have just spent 12 hours teaching two classes, on a post-duty Sunday. The schedule was insane: allotting only an hour to take a bath, have a quick breakfast, and travel from the hospital to the classroom; and another hour to rest, eat lunch/dinner, and travel from one teaching venue to the next. My emergency room duty yesterday was no respite either; I have had to admit seven patients, two of whom eventually died because of the severity of their brain hemorrhages. I have been awake for almost 40 hours, but I do not feel tired. Not at all.

Instead, I am filled with a great sense of accomplishment. Amidst the hectic schedule of a neurosurgery resident, I had been at the right place, at the right time, doing something that felt right in every way. Somehow, I always knew, I was meant to be a teacher. Continue reading →

Aug 11

Sampung Payo para sa mga Kukuha ng Medicine Board Exam Bukas

  1. Mag-aral nang mabuti sa Biochem. Ito ang first exam. Dapat “good vibes” agad. Kapag pangit ang pakiramdam mo unang exam pa lang, iisipin mo na ‘yan araw-araw hanggang sa panlabindalawang exam. Continue reading →

Jul 11

Sometimes You Never Get to Thank the People Who Do Not Believe in You

When I was a Grade 6 pupil, I cried over my first periodic exam in English. Periodic, my English teacher then would always stress — not periodical, as we were wont to say before he came to our small private school. Sir E’s instructions on the exam were clear: we were supposed to read the given passage and answer the subsequent questions in complete sentences, based on what we read. I did not follow the instructions. Continue reading →